Christmas, The Mystery and The Wonder

Christmas, The Mystery and The Wonder


Poems: Michael E. Russell
Illustrations: Sr. Ellen LaCapria, D.C.

$3 from the sale of Christmas, The Mystery and The Wonder will be donated to building homes in Haiti.

Advent is a time for us to renew ourselves for Christmas, the birth of Our Savior. We all know the Christmas Story, or do we really?

This book explores the wonder of Christmas from some perspectives that have never been seen before and takes us on a completely unique journey to Bethlehem. It uses voices which we know but have probably not really thought about, but whose powerful ruminations give Christmas a whole new face. Listen to John The Baptist in the womb of Elizabeth when her cousin Mary visits her. Does the donkey have any idea of how important his role is, as he carries Mary to Bethlehem? Listen to a lost, mysterious character, Agnes, as she approaches the baby Savior. And finally, what must it have been like for Jesus as a baby, experiencing the world for the first time as one of us–a fully human being? Imagine God Himself actually wondering, musing, being surprised, and being fully dependent on two human parents.

This book will make you, the reader, regardless of your age, appreciate Christmas like you have never appreciated it before, and fill you with wonder, joy, and hopefully, a new insight into Christmas, The Mystery, and The Wonder.

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