Your College Faith: OWN IT!

Your College Faith: OWN IT!


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By: Matt and Colleen Swaim

You may be tempted to think that 1) you’re the only person with good sense on campus, or 2) everything you’ve been told about faith and the universe is a lie, and you need to start from scratch. Neither approach will get to the heart of the concerns you face trying to live your Catholic faith on campus.

Your College Faith: Own It! serves as a field guide to faith as you transition to, or seek to make a fresh start in, the realm of college or university life. The authors help alleviate common fears about making it in college and encourage you to experience faith in a Christian community that serves the unique pastoral needs of young adults. The college student has an extraordinary number of opportunities before him or her; one of them is to continue to be enriched by the Catholic faith. This book encourages and enables you to make the most of that opportunity.


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