Fr. Augustus Tolton

Fr. Augustus Tolton


Augustus Tolton, born into slavery, was the first man known to be black to be ordained to the priesthood in the United States.

Feeling the call to serve God as a priest, he persisted in pursuing his vocation in spite of the barriers placed in his way because of his race.  Rejected by every seminary in the country, he studied for the priesthood in Rome. Ordained in 1886, he returned to the United States and ministered in Quincy, then in Chicago.

Tolton’s cause for sainthood was introduced in 2011.

His story, a story with great relevance for us today, needs to be better known.  This graphic novel offers a way for readers of all ages to find out more about this holy man and learn to know him as a friend and an intercessor before God.

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Title: Fr. Augustus TOLTON
The First Recognized Black Catholic Priest in America
By: Corinna & Maria Laughlin
Price: $ 20.00

Father Augustus Tolton’s story — that of the first identified black priest in the United States — comes to life in this full color 48-page, 12-by-9-inch graphic novel aimed at helping young people and adults learn about the extraordinary life of Father Tolton and his holiness!

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