The Mysteries of the Rosary and St. Katharine Drexel

The Mysteries of the Rosary and St. Katharine Drexel


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St. Katharine called the Rosary a “symbol of love.”

St. Katharine Drexel (1858 -1955) was the daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia banker.  Raised in a devout Catholic atmosphere, the family prayed the Rosary every night.  Miss Kate left the world of luxury and ease to become Mother Mary Katharine, the “Mother and Servant of the Negro and Indian races.”  In 1891 she founded the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament (SBS) with a Eucharistic focused mission to actively empower minds, create hope, build faith and seek justice.  The SBS continue to challenge all forms of racism as well as other deeply rooted injustices in the world today….promoting unity and community.  On October 1, 2000 (the beginning of the month of the Holy Rosary), the Catholic Church proclaimed her “Saint Katharine Drexel.”

Use this meditative aid with short reflections by St. Katharine Drexel to pray the Mysteries of the Rosary.  Compiled by Sr. Jane Nesmith, SBS and Stephanie Morris, Ph.D., C.A., this book features ethnically depicted artwork of each Mystery by Ethan Malveaux.




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